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Drinking Cold Water vs. Drinking Warm Water

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14:20 PM

Drinking plenty of water is essential for your health. You should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day. However, there’s some confusion about whether drinking cold water is better than warm water. Some people say that drinking cold water is bad for health and one should only consume room temperature water.

The question is – is that true?

Well, water doesn’t harm your body in any way, whether it’s cold or warm. However, it does affect your body in different ways. Let’s take you through the drinking cold water vs. drinking warm water comparison in detail.


When Should You Drink Cold and Warm Water?

There are some situations where drinking cold water is better for you and vice versa. Let’s see when you should drink cold water, when warm water is better for you, and how it affects you.


During Working Out

When you work out, your body temperature increases, and you lose energy and become fatigued. In this situation, you should drink cold water to keep your core temperature lower. With a lower core temperature, you’ll feel less tired and dehydrated.


During Sweating Outdoors in Heat

Cold water is a better option for you if you’re outdoors in the heat and you’re sweating. You lose lots of water and electrolytes through sweating. While drinking warm water will make you feel less thirsty, there’s a con of warm water here. When you feel less thirsty, you’ll drink less water, and you won’t be able to make up for the lost water. So, you should drink cold water when you’re outdoors and sweating.


During Work

If you feel drowsy or lazy at work and are looking for something that would give you an instant energy bolt (other than caffeine), you should drink a glass of cold water. Cold water produces adrenaline that makes you active and alert, which is precisely what you need at work.


During Congestion

If you’re suffering from cold, flu, or nasal allergies, you should drink warm or room temperature water. Warm water can help you breathe easily. Drinking cold water when under the weather will only worsen your flu.


After Eating Heavy Meal

If you’ve had a heavy meal and you’re worried that you’ll suffer from digestion problems, drinking warm water can help. Warm water facilitates the dissolution of food in the stomach and aids in speedy digestion. So, drinking warm water after having a heavy meal can improve digestion and prevent any digestion-related problems.


When You’re Trying to Feel Less Thirsty

If you’re in a situation where you want to feel less thirsty, for example, on a road trip with fewer toilet stops, you should drink warm water. Warmer water helps quench thirst and makes you feel less thirsty.

The next time someone tells you that you shouldn’t drink cold or warm water because it can harm you, know that water doesn’t harm you in any way, regardless of the temperature. It just affects your body differently. What’s important is that whether you consume cold water or warm water, it should be clean.

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