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The Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

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16:00 PM

Water is essential to survive, especially since the human body is made of 70% water. Surprisingly, you can go a month without food but would only be able to survive a week without water. What’s even more important is your access to clean, pure, filtered water. Otherwise, you can get violently sick.

Today’s advanced water technology means that water filters and water filtration systems are the norm. Of course, filtered tap water is way more beneficial for the human body than standard tap water and bottled water. Here are some of the benefits of drinking filtered water:

Filtration of Chemicals and Contaminants

Usually used by municipalities to clean tap water of contaminants, Fluoride and Chloride purify the water but are not advised for the human body. Most countries around the world use these chemicals sparingly so that they do not harm the human body.

Water filters decrease the risk of rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer by getting rid of chlorine and chlorine byproducts from drinking water. Drinking loads of tap water or spending too much time in steamy showers can lead you to drinking or breathing in Fluoride and Chloride. A water filter can be beneficial in these cases as not only does it filter your kitchen sink water; it filters the entire water in your home. Remember, a water filter can remove 99% of the contaminants present in your water while allowing the consumption of healthy minerals.

Absorption of Vital Nutrients

When water gets filtered, it helps with our nutrient absorption. Using an alkaline ionizer water filter is great as this will result in filtered, alkaline water. This kind of water speeds up the rate at which water molecules and nutrients are absorbed by the cells, hence increasing your metabolic rate and improving overall health.

The metabolism plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our bodies. Research shows that families using water filters at home have claimed to increase their water consumption throughout the day. Coupled with sport, exercise, and a balanced diet, consumption of filtered water can improve your metabolism.

A well-functioning metabolism helps lose weight faster. It is also great for better digestion.

Improved Skin

Did you know that consuming filtered water is essential for skin hydration? As the cosmetic industry flourishes and tries to introduce us to new makeup and skincare, they don’t focus on one major aspect: the consumption of sugary drinks and sodas. After all, good health comes from within.

If drunk in sufficient quantities, filtered water can improve the hydration and health of your skin. This means that you can achieve glowing, clear, and acne-free skin just by drinking more water and spending less on makeup and cosmetics.

Tastier Meals

Have you ever noticed that every top restaurant in your vicinity uses a great countertop water filter, a superior under sink water filter, or a premium quality whole house water filter in their kitchens? This is because when we cook, we boil water. This results in contaminants, such as chlorine, to get evaporated while other water contaminants remain.

Even though this does not mean we consume unhealthy food, it just means that our food is not as delicious as it could be. Using a water filter in your homes can lead to healthier home-made food.

Looking to install a water filtration system at your home? Don’t waste any more time, contact us today!