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How Often Should I Replace the water filter in our office?

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08:00 AM


There are 3 factors that influence the filter change regularity on Zip boiling chilled under sink units are

  • Water Quality ( Sydney water has a high level quality drinking water
  • The amount of people using the unit


Reasons for Changing Your Water Filter

Think of your water filter like the lint tray that you see in your laundry machine. Both are filters that collect dirt and other gunk to get the job done. A water filter removes all the contaminants from your water the same way that the lint tray removes the debris from your clothes.

Over time, the bacteria and chemicals removed from the water tend to clog the water filter until a time comes when it is no longer effective.

In order to make sure that your water filter is functioning properly, you must change and replace it diligently.

How Often Should You Replace Your Water Filter?

The standard rule for replacing a water filter is to change it every 6 months.

However, it is important to note here that there are many factors you need to take into consideration when replacing the filter. These include:

  • The kind of filtration system you have
  • Water consumption of the entire household
  • The hardness level of the water


Bottom Line

The key is to know what kind of filtration syst