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What Happens If I Do Not Replace My Water Filter

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11:55 AM

Having a built-in filter can often come in handy with many things. But most homeowners wonder if it is really necessary to replace it after a while. The fact is that it is absolutely necessary to change the water filter in order to maintain the supply of hygienic drinking water. In this blog, we will help you understand what happens if you do not replace your water filter.

Changes in Taste and Odour

As the water filter begins to wear out, it will gradually change the taste of the water, and you might notice a foul odour coming from it. This is because its effectiveness in removing bacteria, minerals, and various chemicals gets reduced, thus contaminating clean water.

Cloudy Ice

Water that accumulates high content of minerals and chemicals appears to look cloudy when it’s frozen. It may be difficult to notice if you are using crushed ice, but it’s quite obvious in ice cubes. This can gradually affect the health of a person. 

Reduced Flow

When minerals and small particles get trapped in the water filter, it becomes difficult for the after to run freely. Hence, the flow of the water is reduced, which makes it harder to fill up a glass of water from the fridge or a dispenser. This is one of the vital indicators that your water filter needs replacement.

Health Issues

There are certain harmful particles, chemicals, heavy metals, minerals, and microbes present in unfiltered water that can be very hazardous to the health of a person. It is important to have a filter that works efficiently in order to get rid of these harmful substances. Some of these harmful elements include carbon, bacteria, chlorine, lead, asbestos, etc.

How Often Should I Replace My Water Filter?

No matter what kind of water filter you have, the guidelines for replacement are always mentioned in the user manual that comes with the filter. Some filters need to be changed after every three months; whereas, others may require replacement after every six months. However, the actual lifespan of a water filter depends on how frequently it is used and how many contaminants go through it every day. Studies have suggested that it is necessary to change the water filters regularly to get rid of contaminants and turn hard water into soft water.  

Do Unused Water Filters Expire?

The answer to this question is no; unused water filters do not expire. So if your filter is sitting on a shelf, it will still be usable even after a year (provided that it does not get exposed to moisture, dust, and other contaminants). However, if you use a filter once and then don’t use it again after a long time, you will have to get it replaced.

Water filter replacement should never be ignored. If you need more information regarding water filtration, please visit our website or get in touch with us here so that we can assist you.